Frequently Asked Questions

Septick Fix is a blend of 100% Natural, scientifically proven microbial strains, enzymes, beneficial bacteria culture and nutrients having 1 billion beneficial microorganisms per gram.

Septic Fix activates upon contact with water, becomes live and works 24/7 to break down septic waste efficiently.

For regular maintenance Use 1 pack every 3 months.

For severe odor issues

1st Month: 1 pack

2nd Month: 1 pack

On wards: 1 pack every 3 months

No, there isn’t any waiting period as such.

Yes, Septick Fix is stable in all climatic conditions.

Septic Fix not only serves as a preventive measure but is also highly effective in addressing existing odor issues when used in accordance with the recommended dosage.

Yes, Septic Fix can be used as a preventive measure for controlling future odour, sludge build-up, and frequent pump-out issues.

If you find that your tank is larger or has more occupants, additional packs of Septic Fix can be added as needed.

Contact us with your tank specifications, and we’ll provide personalized guidance for the best outcome.

Estimate based on the number of people in your household, Feel free to contact us for personalized guidance.